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Lune update 7/2/15: MEET E-BOSS!

2015-07-02 22:50:15 by CrabRabbit

Hey everyone!

I've decided to keep a sort of dev-log for Lune, and this is a pretty easy place to put it! So every night after wrapping up whatever I'm doing, I'll put a little blurb here about it.

Lune: Nightmare Time:

So the game is a 2D sidescrolling platformer, which draws inspiration from classic console games like Mega-Man, Chiki Chiki Boys & Battletoads. You play as Lune, a creepy nightmare spirit who's tasked with haunting the dreams of children. In order to get into the children's dreams, however, you have to traverse the dreamworlds and conquer each child's boss dreamcatcher.

Anyway, I've been working on making the Electric Boss animations, and I think I've just finished all of the ones I need tonight. SO!

I'm going to share a handful of them with you!

This is E Boss! When you meet up,


He taunts you and throws spiders,


chases you with laser beams,

shocks the platforms you stand on,


charges his green beams, (heh. Vegetable pun)


and fires them at you!


All of these beautiful skills will be used (in no particular order) in every effort to evaporate Lune, and prevent it from scaring the children! Will you be able to emotionally scar the haunted children for life, or will you fizzle out into nothingness?



Stay tuned! (For more frequent updates, follow me on Twitter!)

- Scott


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