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Time flies.

Posted by CrabRabbit - June 30th, 2015

Wow. I can't believe it's been over a year since I released E. Den. Time's a weird thing, and it has a distinct way of getting away from you. A lot has happened for me over this past year, and It's occured to me that I ought to be more active on newgrounds, and that though I've started (and put on hold) numerous projects, I ought to really focus and put something playable out again, so here's an update of what I've been up to in the past year:

Game Dev:

Paint it RED!!:
I started making a multiplayer fighting game called Paint It RED!! Each player is a stick figure wielding a giant sword! It featured combo moves, dynamic health-tracking, and attack parrying!! It's more a prototype/proof of concept thing than a playable game, BUT I learned how to implement controller compatibility, AND multi-player! Development is currently on pause for a later date. Here's a sword swing!

Another project I started working on is called Were-Banana. It's a stealth/beat 'em up game where you're a banana were-wolf who has to slaughter fruit without getting caught! I learned a thing or two about developing enemy AI, battle conditions, and my pixel art is definitely improving! Were-Banana is also put on hold for now. This is Were-Banana's transformation:

5065579_143571117192_BananaTransform.gifLooks fruity.
The New Kid:
Yet another project I've been on a work-hiatus from (sensing a theme here?) is an action RPG called The New Kid. You're an elementary schooler living in a boring neighborhood when a new kid (read maniac-genius child prodigy) moves in across the street from you. Through an awkward encounter you become his lackey, and he entices the neighborhood children to battle it out in his backyard modern-day colliseum.

It's got character and weapon customization, an intense storyline, and a ton of wacky humor. It'll feature a job tree with at least 28 classes, in four different trees based on weapon category (Blade, Axe, Pole, and Claw). This is so far the most developed out of all of my current projects, since I've got the GDD fully written out (a whole marble notebook full), however it is definitely the furthest out for being playable, as it's definitely the most involved game I've come up with, and It's going to be full-length. I think it has the best potential out of everything to be released on steam as a purchaseable game, but for now development is on hold. Anyway, here are a few bald, nude, faceless, genital-less child-fighters (actually just their skin):

5065579_143571126972_AxeComboGIF.gifAxe Squire Combo - Shovel Equipped5065579_143571129642_BoxingGloveComboGIF.gifClaw Squire Combo - Boxing Glove Equipped5065579_143571132762_PoleAttackCombo.gifPole Squire Combo - Hockey Stick Equipped5065579_143571144883_ToySwordGIF.gifSword Squire Combo - Toy Sword Equipped

Sometime around February or March of this year my (then) girlfriend of almost 4 years and I broke up. I took a bit of time to regather myself and figure some shit out. I spent a lot of time writing music and playing live, and it took me a while to get to a place where I could sit down and focus on some game-dev. Most of my old projects just brought my mind back to her, so I decided to start something new, and Wart was born.

Wart is a game where you play as a tiny mushroom in a BIG world who isn't quite content with just sitting around in his loam, and asks too many questions. His buddy Barry believes that wart thinks too much, and constantly tells him to just stop asking questions, and to focus on doing what mushrooms are supposed to, which is sit and idle, until they die. One day an equally tiny mushroom named Fae speeds by Wart and Barry. Barry gets upset and confused by the fact that she has legs, and wart decides to grow them, get up, and walk. Maybe after her, maybe not.

It's an exploratory platformer that focuses on visually pleasing graphics, rich worlds, and a narrative told by the existential conversations Wart has with the zany mushrooms he comes into contact with. This is also on hold (surprise, surprise)




Lune ~ Nightmare Time:
And FINALLY, the game I'm CURRENTLY working on is called Lune: Nightmare Time. In it, you play as a nightmare spirit haunting the dreams of squeamish children. In a megaman-like sidescrolling/platform fashion, Lune travels the perilous, and sometimes charmingly goofy terrain that is dreamworld. Each dream level features a Dreamcatcher for a boss which Lune must conquer in order to thoroughly terrify the child who's dream it inhabits (Lune ain't got no gender, yo, it's a lumpy ethereal scare-spirit!). It's a pretty big undertaking, and I do have a real job which takes up most of my time, but I'm planning on having a demo with the tutorial stage, and the first of 6 levels out hopefully by the end of July. GOTTA GIVE MYSELF THEM DEADLINES! Here are a few sprites:

5065579_143571318021_BunnyExplode.gifBunny enemy getting his fluff removed.

5065579_143571330941_RhinoGiggle.gifMecha-Rhino thinks you're funny.
5065579_143571336671_BeadSnake.gifBead Snakes

5065579_143571340693_Boss1LaserCharge.gifBoss-Catcher charging a laser.

5065579_143571345422_EBossPowerZap.gifElectric Boss getting all zappy

Anyway, thanks for sticking with this and reading all the way through, those of you who have. Again, I apologize for being away for so long, but I'm getting back into it. Expect more soon! If you want more frequent updates, be sure to follow me on twitter! @TheCrabRabbit Anyway, STAY TUNED!


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Is that a plump helmet?!

That depends. Ever had a plant destroy something you placed?

If the GIF's are an accurate representation of the games, I am very excited <3

Thanks! I'm excited to share them with you! =D

A vine beast managed to breach the shinto shrine I built in Cataclysm once.